Comments from our players!

Folks who play our games have lots to say!   The following comments have come from our feedback forums, and more can be found on our Facebook page:

“Fun, challenging and a laugh!”

“This was so much fun to do with friends and family and when you start solving some of the puzzles and riddles and your time starts dwindling down you get so into it and start trying to go faster and faster, it is very exhilirating and enjoyable.”

“This made for an amazing and fun Sunday afternoon! It was a great family outing and we have all recommended it to friends already. I look forward to doing another room!”

“We had an amazing time! The room was very well done and a great challenge! We were very excited to escape!”

“Try this- you will not be disappointed and it is a great cause!”

“Amazing experience to share with family and friends.”

“So much fun!!! Cannot wait to do this again!”

“There were 7 kids that ranged in age from 18-9. They had an exceptional experience at all age. The staff were all accommodating and helpful. A great experience that all the kids would highly recommend. They challenged the zombie apocalypse and we able to escape in 58 minutes”

“Best time ever”

“Awesome experience – this should definitely be on everyone’s “Things to do in Charlottetown” list. If you’re a fan of escape games, or just looking for something to do that’s a little different, I highly recommend trying this out!”

“pei escape rooms is awesome it was a great time and a great way to celebrate my birthday. we will be back!”

“Lots of fun!!”

“Great staff activity! We had a fantastic time”

“11/10, would (and have) reccomend to a friend”

“It was a pleasure to be back again. Another great room and another great experience.”

“Never stop this! They’re so fun! 🙂 I wish i had more time and money to play”

“had a great time! this is the ultimate game for puzzle seekers alike!!”



PEI Escape Rooms is an awesome live-action game bringing a global trend to Charlottetown. Live Action Escape Room games began in Japan and have spread the world over. The premise is simple. You and your friends are locked in a room and must escape! Throughout the room, you will find clues and solve puzzles to find your way out. Make sure you escape in time!

Escape rooms are a fun group activity for a fun night with friends, birthday surprises, family adventures, or team building for colleagues.

PEI Escape Rooms launched in September 2014, the first escape-the-room games to open in PEI. We are also the world’s only non-profit escape rooms, with all profits going to the Voluntary Resource Centre, a non-profit charity in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  Because the rooms are designed and set up by volunteers, we also offer the lowest price for an escape room experience in Canada and the United States.

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Our Prices are:

$20/person for a team of 2-4

$18/person for a team of 5-10