Current Rooms


To our guests,

We are happy to announce that the PEI Escape Rooms are open Tuesday through Sunday! We currently have three rooms available. Our small rooms (The Great Island Bake Off and The Case of the Missing Thief) can hold a maximum of 4 players. Our large room (Oak Island) can hold 5-10 players. You can book any of these rooms by calling 902-367-5341 or by sending us a private message on FaceBook.

We can’t wait to see all of you folks!
PEI Escape Rooms Staff

          The Great Island Bake Off:

Get a loaf of this: an international superstar of a baker is coming to PEI! But she needs a team to qualify in the Great Island Bake Off, and it’s a battle of wits as much as of bakery. Yeast your eyes on her unique test: a room of rye intellect. Dough you have what it takes to rise to the challenge, or will you crumble under the heat?

The Great Island Bake Off

Difficulty Level: Medium
Players: 2-4
Damage Deposit: $20
Parental Guide: N/A

Note: This room reuses a lot of the items and props as The Pantry, but the puzzles are different!

The Case of the Missing Thief:

Life in a detective agency isn’t always what it seems. What starts as a very normal request to retrieve a missing necklace ends up housing twists and turns unimaginable- including the sudden disappearance of the alleged thief. You find yourself in the thief’s hideout but something is decidedly wrong- still, you have a job to do and a necklace to retrieve.

Difficulty Level: Easy
Players: 2-4
Damage Deposit: $20
Parental Guide: N/A

Oak Island:

Rumor has it that long ago, famed pirate William the Kidd hid his treasure deep beneath Oak Island, Nova Scotia. Now, you and your rag-tag team of treasure hunters are the first to hit the Money Pit- the mine shaft where the treasure was allegedly hidden. Unfortunately, these mine shafts often flood without warning, and your group only has 60 minutes of oxygen left.

5-10 Players

Difficulty Level: Medium
Players: 5-10
Damage Deposit: $50*
Parental Guide: The Dead

*this room has many expensive mechanisms that, if broken, the damage deposit alone may not be enough to cover and additional charges will be made.

Please note that while the ground floor of the building is wheelchair accessible, the rest of the building is not, and all escape rooms are located on the second floor or the basement.

Don’t forget to read our Rules & Guidelines before booking a room.