Current Rooms

The Con Man’s Hideout:

A con man lives in your grandmother’s neighborhood, and has tricked your grandmother out of her favourite necklace. She is distraught, and you promise to get it back for her. After learning his schedule, you sneak in; as it turns out, he has booby-trapped his house, and you are locked inside.

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Difficulty Level: Easy
Players: 2-4
Damage Deposit: $20
Parental Guide: Gambling-Related Content; Alcohol-Related Content

The Photo Lab:

In the late 80s and early 90s, there was a popular nature photographer named David Smith. After claiming he had an alien encounter, his fame and sensibility disintegrated. Over 20 years later, you and your news team decide to interview him; when you get to his photography studio, he is nowhere to be found.

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Difficulty Level: Medium
Players: 2-4*
Damage Deposit: $20
Parental Guide: Off-Color Lighting; Extraterrestrial Content

*five players is possible, but a tight fit and is not recommended.

Whispers of Madness:

Located in the far corners of PEI rests an old fishing village that you feel compelled to visit for a relaxing vacation, but things are not as they first seem: birds don’t sing, insects don’t chirp, and the waves of the ocean are soundless. Villagers don’t talk to you. The whole place is eerily quiet. In the middle of the night, you are faced with a choice: surrender to the oncoming madness, or fight and get out with your lives.


Difficulty Level: Hard
Players: 2-5
Damage Deposit: $20
Parental Guide: Dark Room; Mental Insanity (implied)

The Resistance:

In 1990, the world’s largest, most powerful terrorist organization, known as the Shadow Corporation, emerged from the shadows; simultaneously, a group of freedom fighters named the Resistance arose. The Resistance was betrayed and their mission failed.
In 2017, the Shadow Corporation rules with an iron fist, but the few surviving Resistance members have been reawakened and recruit your group. Your first mission is recon, but something goes awry. Can the new agents survive?

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Difficulty Level: Challenging
Players: 5-10
Damage Deposit: $50
Parental Guide: Cartoon Blood

*Normal and Hard Mode both available
**Under five players accepted, but not recommended.

Please note that while the ground floor of the building is wheelchair accessible, the rest of the building is not, and all escape rooms are located on the second floor or the basement.