Rules, Policies, & Guidelines

Rules & Policies:

Please note there are other rules that will be gone over at the escape rooms themselves.

Upon arrival for your booking, we ask all guests to arrive at the back of our building, where a staff member while guide you into the building. We also asks guests to arrive 5 minutes before their booking, but no more than 10 minutes early.

*Props for photos are currently no longer in use to reduce the amount of sanitizing and risk of infection. For anyone that still wants photos, all photos will be taken using either the official tablet or an employee’s phone. Please be extra patient for the photos being posted at this time.*

  1. Bookings, Call-Ins, and Walk-Ins
    Bookings must be made a minimum of 12 hours before the desired start time. You can book ahead by calling 902-367-5341 or by messaging us on our Facebook page.  Employees are only present during bookings, which means a walk-in may be out of luck if they don’t call aheadThe best way to contact us is via our Facebook page!
  2. Minors
    Babies (0-2): Babies are welcome in the room provided they are strapped into a car seat, baby bjorn, or something similar. We recommend calling about the room you are looking to book, as some rooms may have lighting, etc, that could disturb the child. We are a breastfeeding friendly facility.
    Toddlers (2-5): Due to their active, curious, and often unpredictable nature, toddlers are not allowed in the escape rooms at any time. This is for safety reasons: many heavy objects are located in the rooms, as well as objects small enough to be choking hazards. There are no exceptions to this rule.
    Children (6-13): All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a paying adult in the room at all times. Maximum four (4) children per one (1) adult. For these and other reasons, children are not recommended, but still quite welcome.
    Youth (14-17): Youth are treated as adults.
  3. Cancellation
    If you are unable to come, please cancel your booking online. On weekends we do not check the phone messages, as these are not part of regular office hours; the staff comes in only for bookings on weekends. Feel free to call and cancel during office hours.
    If you did not book yourself and need the help of a staff member to cancel on the weekend, please contact our Facebook page.
    There is no penalty for canceling.
  4. Arriving Early
    All bookings are encouraged to arrive up to (but no more than) 10 minutes early for orientation.
  5. Late Arrivals
    Booking times are set. The working employee reserves the right to turn away late bookings or to reduce the time spent in the room as the booking will have already begun.
    If you are waiting for one or two members, you may begin the room with the group present and allow the others to join in when they arrive.
    In both cases, full payment for all participants is still necessary.
  6. Large Groups (25+)
    *With the limited number of rooms available, we can not accommodate large groups at the present time*
    We love to accommodate large groups! However, due to the limitations of the escape rooms, we can only accommodate approximately 24 people at a time. For groups of larger sizes, we recommend booking 3-4 rooms at once.
    If your group is larger than 24, we recommend booking all of our rooms at once, followed by additional rooms immediately after.  We are located in a building with many offices and, due to issues of sound and limited space, the following group(s) cannot be in the building while the preceding group is doing the escape room, and vice versa. We are located in the downtown area, so we have the Confederation Centre, Confederation Mall, tourist attractions, bars, pubs, and restaurants quite close by!
  7. Property
    Please respect our property: our staff will tell you what elements in the room are to be left alone. Breaking and forcing items is not part of the game. Do not dismantle electrical outlets and light switches. Willful damage will result in losing your damage deposit. Additionally, damages exceeding the damage deposit will result in additional charges to the customer.
  8. Outside Items
    We welcome you to leave coats, bags, cellphones, etc with us while you play. We will gladly store them for you in a safe place, or you can choose to leave them in your car. If you bring your things into the room, please do not use any items, or take any pictures while you are in the room.
  9. Intoxication
    Drinking (or partaking in anything else that you ought not drive after having) before playing is a bad idea: Escape rooms are really fun, but you really need all your faculties about you to be successful. We strongly recommend planning to play first, and drink afterward.
    The working staff has a right to turn away any intoxicated people or groups if they feel that there is a hazard to our property or worry for their own safety.
  10. Post-Room Pictures
    The staff loves taking photos and displaying them on our Facebook page, but will not take or post without permission.  The photo is free of charge, but it is your responsibility to request the photo.  Staff often try to ask, but during busier hours pictures are a lower priority.  If you would like a picture taken and you were not offered one, please ask the staff and be patient.
    Due to COVID-19 we will not be offering props for photos currently. All photos will be taken with the official tablet or an employee’s phone and posted online. Please be extra patient in this time for posting.
  11. Storm Policy

    Due to the nature of storms on PEI, we may have to close unexpectedly or with short notice.  If police are advising people to stay off the roads and/or government offices are closed for the day, PEI Escape Rooms will be closed.  Our Facebook page will be updated to let everyone know if we will be closed for the day, closing early, or opening late.  If our decision to close is within 90 minutes of your booking, you will be called and/or e-mailed to be notified of the closure.  There is no compensation provided for bookings canceled this way; however, we will do our best to accommodate a future booking for your group.  In the case of prepaid bookings being canceled, please contact us for a refund or to book a future date.
    If you are wondering about our current status on a stormy day or would like to cancel a booking due to the weather, please send us a message on Facebook.
  12. Banned Customers
    Customers who cause excessive damage or threaten staff may be banned from the premises. Anyone found taking in a banned individual also risks being banned and removed from the premises. We love our customers and our building and take this issue very seriously.


  1. Accessibility
    The ground floor of the Voluntary Resource Centre is wheelchair accessible. However, none of the escape rooms are located on the ground floor, and unfortunately are not wheelchair accessible.
  2. Reading & Eyesight
    All of our rooms have some level of reading involved. If you need reading glasses or contacts, we recommend you wear them in. You will fare best if at least half of your group is able to read.
  3. English Proficiency
    All of our current staff only speak English, so it is necessary to be able to verbally understand the instructions and hints our facilitators lay out for you.
    All rooms require some degree of reading ability in English; the harder difficulty the room, the more reading required (generally). If you are able to read and understand conversational English, most writing will be understandable. If there is something you are having trouble understanding, our staff is happy to try and explain it, but as all of the current staff are English speakers, direct translation may not be possible.
  4. Patience
    We ask for and thank you in advance for your patience. We try to smoothly intro and exit each group and have the room set up before the start time but small issues do arise.
    We also ask for your patience in handling our equipment. We try and use as many objects second hand, and due to constant use our locks experience a lot of wear and tear and may need to be used perfectly to work. As with most things in life, precision and careful use will get you further faster than rushing.
    If at any point you are unsure if/how something should be handled or believe that something isn’t working as it should, you can always ask us.