Old Rooms

These rooms have been permanently retired and will not be returning to PEI Escape Rooms at any point.

The Pantry:

It’s time for the Annual PEI Pie-Off, and your grandmother is unhappy. Despite her efforts, she know Cindy Martin, the town favourite, is a shoo-in to win. Cindy uses the same recipe every year. You owe your grandma some money, but instead she calls in a favor: to steal Cindy’s recipe. In no position to say no, you agree, and when Cindy goes out to eat lunch with family you sneak into her home. You have one hour to find the secret recipe and the secret ingredient, because tomorrow is the competition and she’ll spend all afternoon baking.


Difficulty Level: Easy
Players: 2-4
Damage Deposit: $20
Parental Guide: N/A
Left: April 2019

The Resistance:

In 1990, the world’s largest, most powerful terrorist organization, known as the Shadow Corporation, emerged from the shadows; simultaneously, a group of freedom fighters named the Resistance arose. The Resistance was betrayed and their mission failed.
In 2017, the Shadow Corporation rules with an iron fist, but the few surviving Resistance members have been reawakened and recruit your group. Your first mission is recon, but something goes awry. Can the new agents survive?

The Resistance Promo Photo - Edit 03

Difficulty Level: Challenging
Players: 5-10
Damage Deposit: $50
Parental Guide: Cartoon Blood
Left: November 2018

*Under five players accepted, but not recommended.

Whispers of Madness:

Located in the far corners of PEI rests an old fishing village that you feel compelled to visit for a relaxing vacation, but things are not as they first seem: birds don’t sing, insects don’t chirp, and the waves of the ocean are soundless. Villagers don’t talk to you. The whole place is eerily quiet. In the middle of the night, you are faced with a choice: surrender to the oncoming madness, or fight and get out with your lives.


Difficulty Level: Hard
Players: 2-5
Damage Deposit: $20
Parental Guide: Dark Room; Mental Insanity (implied)
Left: April 2018

The Con Man’s Hideout:

A con man lives in your grandmother’s neighborhood, and has tricked your grandmother out of her favourite necklace. She is distraught, and you promise to get it back for her. After learning his schedule, you sneak in; as it turns out, he has booby-trapped his house, and you are locked inside.

pic of teaser (2)

Difficulty Level: Easy
Players: 2-4
Damage Deposit: $20
Parental Guide: Gambling-Related Content; Alcohol-Related Content
Left: October 2017

The Magicians Lab:

After many years of trying and failing, a magician nearby has cracked the code to eternal life! To celebrate his victory, he leaves his lab unattented while he goes to the local tavern to tell everyone about his amazing discovery. Ever the opportunist, you sneak inside to nab the potion and make a break for it. Unfortunately, there is a magic ward keeping you in, and you must escape before the magician returns and finds out what you’ve been up to.

teaser magician's laboritory

Difficulty: Hard
Players: 2-5
Left: July 2017

Lost in the Woods:

Following the story of Hansel and Gretel, you are lured into the woods by promises of sweets from a lovely old lady. As it turns out, she is an evil with and wants you- you managed to escape her house, but can you escape the woods?

Lost in the woods-page-001
Players: 5-10

The Zombie Apocalypse:

The world is coming to an end, but so far you have survived. You and your team members have found temporary refuge inside an old building, but the hoard of zombies is not far behind you. You have one hour to grab the supplies you need and find a way out before the zombies smash their way inside and overtake you.

Zombie teaser
Difficulty: Hard
Players: 6-10

The Office:

An office filled with secrets offers few answers- but the urge to pull away is too strong. Who has locked you in, and why do they want you silent?

Players: 2-4

Reindeer Games:

A holiday special, Reindeer Games embodied the spirit of the yuletide holidays.
Players: 2-5

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