Our Rooms

Currently, PEI Escape Rooms has four different rooms available for booking. The difficulty and size of the room varies, but we try to have one easy, one medium, and one hard difficulty at any given time; three of the rooms are for smaller groups, and one room accommodates larger groups.

Our goal is to give each room a shelf life of approximately one year; in essence, provided that the amount of rooms remains the same, there will be a new room every four months or so.

Even ready rooms may be changed at any time due to a necessity to change props or puzzles.

If you’re trying to decide what room looks best for you, check out our current rooms here, or give us a call or message us on Facebook; our facilitators are able to give personalized recommendations based on experience, group size, interest, and other factors.

Don’t see the room you want? It may have been permanently retired.